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Secure Tag
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The QUERY tag sends a datasource query through to the specified resource. The QUERY tag supports access to any ODBC compliant database, FTP servers, HTTP servers, POP3 servers, NNTP servers and variables containing HTML text.

A heighten security, a user context can be applied to the tag.

NAMEvariable to receive result
DATASOURCEdatasource to query
DETAILSvariable to receive debugging details about this query
CACHEcache this queries result; YES or NO
USERNAMEvariable or string representing username
PASSWORDvariable or string representing password
IDENTITYvariable to accept the identity value
MAXTEXTSIZEmaximum text size (of a field) to receive (overrides default)

The following is an example of QUERY;
<!--- Access to ODBC --->
   SELECT * FROM table

<!--- Access to POP3 --->
<SAQUERY NAME=popQuery DATASOURCE="pop3://server.com"
   USERNAME="test" PASSWORD="pwd123">


<!--- Access to NNTP --->
<SAQUERY NAME=popQuery DATASOURCE="nntp://ott.test">
    25 HEADERS

<!--- Access to FTP (returns directory listing) --->
<!--- See FTP tag for format of listing --->
<SAQUERY NAME=ftpQuery DATASOURCE="ftp://server.com/dir/subDir"
    USERNAME="user" PASSWORD="pass">


<!--- Access to HTTP --->
<SAQUERY NAME=htQuery DATASOURCE="http://server.com">

<!--- Access to HTML text --->
<SAQUERY NAME=htQuery DATASOURCE="html:" & htQuery>
      (SELECT TR{1} FROM table{3})

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