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  Predefined Objects    
SteelArrow defines numerous TABLE objects for use by the developer. The predefined objects allow a developer to rapidly create web applications without concern for such things as SESSION managment or HTTP HEADER generation and return mechanisms.

CGI The CGI table contains Common Gateway Interface (CGI) variables which are specific to the script that is being executed.
COOKIE The COOKIE table contains cookie values sent from the client. This object is read only. Use SACOOKIE to add or change the values of HTTP cookies.
APPLICATION The APPLICATION table is available to all web application users within a sepcific. web application. This table is one way for a developer to pass variable values between user sessions, or maintain information about a web application.
HEADER The HEADER table contains header information that will be sent to the client as part of the script reply. Changing things such as the document content type allow a developer to offer such things as XML-based solutions.
SESSION A unique SESSION table is created for each user of the system. Through this predefined table SESSION management is offered. By using this table object, such things as shopping carts are simple to create and manage.
PARAM The PARAM table represents all of the parameters that are passed to the called script from an HTML form, or as a query string. The PARAM table is also used with the IMPORT and FUNCTION tags for passing variable values to these language elements.
ERROR The ERROR table is created only when an error condition exists. The error table contains information describing the error that occurred.

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