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  Available Functions    
SteelArrow supports numerous functions for simplified data manipulation, and output formatting.

abs isNumeric toLower
acos isValidDate toTitle
ascii makeList toUpper
asHex makeTable trim
asin makeTableFromXML trimLeft
asInteger markup trimRight
asMoney max undefined
asString md5 webDbSafe
atan min webSafe
bitAND minuteDiff  
bitNOT now .colCount
bitOR obfuscate .cols
buildQuery paraFormat .currentRow
cgiSafe phonetic .decrypt
char PI .elements
configFile rad2deg .encrypt
cos rand .field
createObject randRange .length
createUUID regex .moreData
currentDirectory regexNC .removeWords
dbSafe replace .replace
deg2rad replaceNC .replaceNC
evaluate rounded .rowCount
exists secondDiff .sort
find shiftLeft .sortNC
findNC shiftRight .sortNum
fromWDDX sin .sortNumRev
fuzziness sqrt .sortRev
getDate strReverse .sortRevNC
getTime strToken .wddx
getTickCount subString .word
hostname tan .wordCount
hourDiff timeDiff .xmlByRow
isDefined timedOpers .xmlByCol
Note: All are interpreted case-insensitive, therefore 'ascii()' is the same as 'ASCII()' or 'AScIi()'.

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