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  SteelArrow Overview

SteelArrow is an easy to use Web Application Server offering the latest in Internet connectivity and dynamic content development. SteelArrow includes a feature rich HTML embedded markup scripting language and SteelArrow Studio, a SteelArrow and HTML editor with easy to use Database and HTML-Table wizards to allow dynamic content to be developed in a snap.

SteelArrow provides:

  • dynamic file creation
  • XML and WAP
  • exception handling
  • script encryption for secure distribution
  • database connectivity
  • automated eMail and eNews
  • COM automation
  • web site mirroring
  • timed script execution
  • database connection and session pooling
  • data scraping from other web pages
  • user and group level security
  • integrated page statistics
  • integrated user authentication
  • Java application support
  • full FTP support

SteelArrow offers developers full web application development functionality and a fully tested run time reliability. Operating as an extension (on WinNT/2K) to Microsoft IIS, Apache and Netscape Enterprise servers thus providing a truly scalable and cost effective solution.

SteelArrow has been bench-marked against other Web Application Servers, and has met or exceeded the efficiency of these similar products.

  SteelArrow Programming
The Basics What little you need to know to produce your first web application.
SteelArrow Tags By leveraging HTML like tags, SteelArrow scripts can be quickly created and tested.
Functions  SteelArrow supports numerous functions for simplified data manipulation.
Objects  Several predefined objects help to ensure rapid web application development.
Adv. Topics  Using HTML forms, sending mail and news messages, uploading data files, encrypting scripts for distribution.

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